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Thank you for your interest in reproductions of artworks by Radford Wine. The process, or printing method, of these works is the giclee, referred to by many experts in the field of fine art as, "The finest method of printing available in today's market". Giclee is a French word meaning, "to spray".

The pigmented inks sprayed through multiple jets in the giclee process assure longer lasting color and lessen the negative effects of excessive light. (Any art, however, including original works or prints, should never be placed in direct sunlight or hung under florescent lighting for any extended period of time.) These inks are laid upon not paper, but a substrate of 100% cotton. This substrate, if properly matted and framed, will not yellow or change color with the passing of time.

Printers are large and sophisticated machines, utilizing as many as 7 large cartridges of pigmented inks, (not dyes that easily fade) that are precisely sprayed upon the substrate. These printers are able to produce images as wide as 3-4 feet in width and 50 feet in length.. Thousands of ink droplets are beautifully dispersed, creating a rich and detailed image, virtually untouched by conventional printing methods. If a proper digital image of the original work has been created prior to printing, it is difficult, at times, to distinguish between a giclee print and an original work.

We trust that you will enjoy your print or prints and assure you that if prints are cared for properly, the images will provide you and yours beautiful visuals for generations to come.

Your prints will be shipped to you enclosed within plastic and tubes. Please be careful when removing the print to avoid damaging the art.