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Rise of the Morn

Dimensions/Original Art: 24 x 36”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 35 x 47.25”
Acrylic on Canvas

A fine work depicting America’s farmlands in the early mornings as the late summer sun is beginning to cast her light in full strength. Though this is considered an impressionistic work, great attention has been paid to the two large bales in the foreground and one can feel the volume and the incredible weight of these icons of the American farmer’s way of life. This is a warm work, with the dominant color of burnt umber framing the bales. Red tones gleam throughout the browns, offset nicely by the bright blue summer sky and the climbing morning clouds. Far in the distance, near the blue-pink ridge, are hints of the farmer’s home and outbuildings.

This work is enclosed within 6” of gold wooden frame that includes an
off-white linen liner. Hints of red undertones peek through the gold leaf and a brass plate is attached to the bottom of the frame proclaiming the title of the work and the artist’s name. Click above image for an expanded view of framed art.

$ 4300.00