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The Blue Cabana

Dimensions/Original Art: 30 x 40”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 37.75 x 47.75”
Acrylic on Canvas

Designed as a partner piece to “Cabana Row”, this work is beautifully rendered and inviting. The grounds surrounding your private cabanas are carefully tended and landscaped, the palms are trimmed and uniform. The day is peaceful and calm and as evening draws near, the sky begins to turn a soothing peach color near the horizon. A few clouds float lazily by, assuring you that you that there is still time to enjoy the beach on this lovely, late afternoon. Each of these art deco works is meticulously rendered and painted with extreme care. Lines are “razor-sharp”, clean, and colors are soothing and peaceful. These are large, “sassy” and chic works, fitting additions to any upscale home or corporate environment.

Each of these original works of art is enclosed within the same framing, creating a wonderful set for a discriminating buyer. Each work, as shown in the above photo, is enclosed within a gold wooden frame, accompanied with a bright white linen liner. Red highlights are evident beneath the gold leaf applied to the wood. This is the perfect frame for this series of works, providing a handsome surround for a handsome set.

$ 7500.00