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Rest for the Overland Stage

Dimensions/Original Art: 24 x 36”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 31.75 x 43.75”
Acrylic on Canvas

This is a beautiful Americana work! After a long day on the rough trails through arid country, encountering bandits and enraged natives, these weary travelers are ready for a respite. It comes here at stage stop #5. The sign posted on the upright support reads of the delights that the travelers will be experiencing: biscuits and gravy and a dessert of sweet potato pie. Following the delicious dinner, all will be bedded down amidst fluffed pillows and soft, clean sheets, while the sweet smells of evergreens waft through the open windows. This is needed, for tomorrow will consist of another hard day on the trail. This work is a high contrasting one, with bright lights blazing from the shelter’s windows and a moon hung in a beautiful mauve sky. Highly detailed characters and horses abound, and the log structure has been “built” with precision and careful planning.

Framed with a 4” carved wooden frame complete with a white linen liner. Frame depth is 2”. Click above image for an expanded view of framed art.

$ 6500.00