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Mr. Buck's Livery

Dimensions/Original Art: 24 x 36”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 31.75 x 43.75”
Acrylic on Canvas

A most delightful work that incorporates more than 14 horses, a number of geese prancing about and even swans in the town run. This is Mr. Buck’s Livery! A livery was a stable for horses and within this work, you will find horses! This is a very special painting to the artist, for, it was painted as a tribute to his best friend. Mr. Buck owns not only the stable, but also, the admiration of every upstanding citizen in town, and, his sons and his wife own respectable businesses in this bustling burg. This work took more than 250 hours to complete and is beautifully rendered. Warm tones, flying flags, trotting horses and well-crafted business signs bring this work to life from America’s 1800’s.

A 4” wooden frame with warm tones of gold and an off-white liner surround this work, complementing it nicely. Click above image for an expanded view of framed art.

$ 6500.00