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Long Live the Glades

Dimensions/Original Art: 19.5 x 30”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 25.5 x 35.5”
Acrylic on Panel

This is an astounding original work that took 3 months, 8 hours daily, to complete. Each delicate component was graphically designed by hand, transferred to the panel, then painted with remarkable clarity and precision. Within the confines of a fine frame, the viewer beholds a plethora of animal life that resides within the Florida Everglades including turtles, alligators, the white-tailed deer, rattlesnakes, and more. A calming, red sky glows as the heat of the day burns away, giving way to the cooler night air. The moon glints softly upon the water, lending a quiet peace to this regal kingdom, enveloping the viewer and certainly creating a great sense of appreciation for this wonderful corner of the world.

Framed with a sophisticated blend of ribbed golden wood, and a deep, concave white liner. The viewer is drawn “into” the work by this framing combination, a fine addition to this wonderfully painted piece. The width of the frame combined with the liner is 3”, and the depth is the same.

$ 5000.00