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Evening at Aspen

Dimensions/Original Art: 19.5 x 30”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 31.75 x 43.75”
Acrylic on Panel

A beautiful and delicate work, this is the result of the artist’s first trip to Aspen, Colorado. “ The meadow floor,” he stated, “seems to be covered with pieces of eight! It is simply beautiful.” So is this work. The deer are wonderfully painted with graceful limbs and postures, the aspen trees are carefully designed to accentuate the animals and a little cabin is evident in the background, with a bit of smoke lazily curling skyward. The moon shines brightly amidst a flawless sky above the looming snow-capped peaks. It is a beautiful, crisp eve, the air smells wonderful, and the viewer is given an excellent rendering of how it feels to be in the Rocky Mountains of picturesque Colorado.

Nicely framed with a carved, light gold, wooden frame and an off white linen liner. Width of the framing is 4”. Click above image for an expanded view of framed art.

$ 6000.00