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Equus Moon

Dimensions/Original Art: 24 x 36”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 31.25 x 43.25”
Acrylic on Canvas

This is a magical work; a wonderful composition of 10 well crafted horses, lace-like trees and cool breezes on an early autumn eve. A soothing work, “Equus Moon” (equus is Latin for “horse”) this painting sends the message that life centers on friends and family. All is peaceful, all is well. Meticulously crafted stables stand proudly in the meadow, topped with a metal horse weathervane, inviting the animals inside when they have completed their rendezvous in the outside world. This is a fine work, requiring more than 200 hours to complete.

A silver 4” wooden frame surrounds this painting, complete with a white liner. A soft scroll pattern is sculpted on the outer edge, then repeated near the liner. Depth of frame is 2.5”. Click above image for an expanded view of framed art.

$ 6000.00