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Dimensions/Original Art: 40 x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas

As the tones of this work suggest, Winter is viewed by the artist as a time when warmth is largely non-existent. It is, however, seen as a most necessary season, preparing for the birth of a comforting Spring. Therefore, the painter sees this as a most important time of the year. Amidst in the hues and shades of blue, tiny areas of “wet earth” are evident, providing the hope of a time when warmth will arrive with Spring. Note the “structure” within this work, the shadow is long. The highlighted area, however, adds the tiniest bit of warmth and the promise of warmer days. This work, one in a set of four, may be purchased individually. Per painting, however, the buyer will save $ 350.00 by purchasing the entire set.

$ 3500.00