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Three Doors

Dimensions/Original Art: 42 x 42”
Acrylic on Canvas

Described by the artist as “A wonderful abstract work”, this painting is accented by rectangles of gold leaf placed in five areas of the art, directing the viewer’s glance toward the “doors”. Washes of color containing greens, browns and beige further direct the eye, focusing us even more toward the interior of the piece. A small “window” lies between two of the three doors, inspiring a bit of intrigue… “What’s this?” “Herein”, states the artist, “lies the beauty of non-representational art… Let the imagination roll!” The work is balanced by a rich purple-mauve bar at bottom. The work is signed by the artist on the rear of the canvas. This work is sold unframed, for the painting extends around the wrapped edges of the canvas.

$ 3500.00