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Dimensions/Original Art: 40 x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas

Although Summer is (at times) the most uncomfortable season of the year where the artist resides, he finds this one of his favorites seasons to paint. “Vegetation is well established and there are no surprises.” Colors are defined and the painter views this as a “clean” time of the year. “ There are no leaves to gather, no branches falling and all in the landscape is complete. Spring has prepared this season well ahead of its time.” The “clean” referred by the artist is evident within this work. Lines are easily distinguished and there is a strong contrast from object to object. The highlighted, floating rectangle draws one into the artist’s vision of Summer. Even the elements of man are a bit more defined, pulling what is construed to be a human domicile into sharp view. The surrounding bands of color (as they do in each of these paintings) reflect dominant hues for each season in particular. This work is sold unframed, for the painting extends around the wrapped edges of the canvas. This work, one in a set of four, may be purchased individually. Per painting, however, the buyer will save $ 350.00 by purchasing the entire set.

$ 3500.00