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Dimensions/Original Art: 40 x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas

This work is one in a series of four by artist Radford Wine. He has searched carefully to render each season according to his feelings and above is his interpretation of Spring. This season is a time of renaissance for the artist, a time of growth. Outside of the lighter rectangle within this work, are the last remnants of Winter, symbolized by the browns and the darker colors. Indicated, however, within the darker colors, are the colors that form a prelude of what is to come. From these, Spring emerges gracefully and the viewer is gently placed within the lighter portion, the rectangle that floats within the upper left of the work. Bands of color below this rectangle indicate perhaps some of the specific colors that we may experience within this season. These are well-balanced, well designed and well-rendered works from the creative mind of Radford Wine. The work is signed by the artist on the rear of the canvas. This work is sold unframed, for the painting extends around the wrapped edges of the canvas. This work, one in a set of four, may be purchased individually. Per painting, however, the buyer will save $ 350.00 by purchasing the entire set.

$ 3500.00