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Dimensions/Original Art: 42 x 42”
Dimensions/Framed Art: 42.5 x 42.5”
Acrylic on Canvas

A well-balanced work of art, “Liftoff” is a favorite of the painter. Dominated by the colors of mauves and blues, this work is completed by quick brush strokes of greens, blues and reds placed across the canvas. Small blocks of colors mimic the larger blocks as well-placed lines of lighter colors intersect the work. The aura beneath the large mauve “block” seems to indicate that the structure above has “whooshed” through, hence the title of the painting. A “doorway” has appeared within the large traveling block, leaving the viewer an opening to perhaps another realm of thought. This work is signed by the artist on the
rear of the canvas.

This work is framed by a thin, 1/4” taupe/beige metal frame to complement the colors within the original work. The frame is approximately 1/2” deep.

$ 3500.00