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Dimensions/Original Art: 40 x 40”
Acrylic on Canvas

The artist describes this season as “crisp”. “Here is the month,” he states, “that orders the transition into Winter. Leaves change color and tumble to the ground, the smells of wood burning in the fireplaces are brought to our senses of smell, and cool breezes bring the promise of another season soon hereafter. One of the most impressive qualities of Autumn is that a season of cooler temperatures produces such warm colors. As some colors heighten, others begin to lessen. The grasses begin to lose their luster as frosts light upon them, once blue skies begin to exhibit hints of gray. Truly, this is a most remarkable time of year.” The artist believes that these qualities are evident within this work, exemplified by the choice of colors within and surrounding the highlighted rectangle. This work, one in a set of four, may be purchased individually. Per painting, however, the buyer will save $ 350.00 by purchasing the entire set.

$ 3500.00